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How secure is my data in SimpleAccounts?

We use SSL encryption for data traffic to provide high-end security. Your data is absolutely secure in our application

What should I do after I register?

Once you register, you are ready to file your VAT, check our User Guide for more details.

How to opt for cloud or non-cloud data feature?

You can connect with our team at  info[@]simpleaccounts[.]io, We will help you with the process of setting up your account. 

How to get the free trial?

For a Free Trial, please connect with us on info[@]simpleaccounts[.]io OR +971(0) 507 458 900 

How do you back up the system data?

To get a Backup of your account, 

Navigate to Settings –> Data Backup. 

Can I add my accountant or book keeper?

Yes, You can Add multiple users in the system 

What are cookies? Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?

Cookies helps us to keep track of your activity. It is advised to enable your cookies in the browser for a better user experience. 

Is it easy to learn the simplevat software?

We have built a very simple user-friendly software for your convenience.

How do I create an invoice?

To create an expense invoice

Navigate to, expense –> supplier invoices –> add new invoice.

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