SimpleAccounts revamp in progress! 

Change is inevitable for growth 

Every day gives us the chance to change and to be better than the previous day. SimpleAccounts was on the journey of getting better. We are excited to share the news with you all.

SimpleAccounts aided individuals, institutions, companies, and SMEs’ accounting needs. We got you covered in everything from invoices to financial forecasting and more. It has been a while since we introduced something new to you.  

So, here is the NEWS! 

SimpleAccounts UAE SME Essentials package includes BANKING now! 

Along with Banking, there are a lot more surprises awaiting you. 

What’s NEW?   

Multi-tax compatible 

With SimpleAccounts accounting, your tax reports are a click away. It works with different types of taxes including VAT, GST, etc. 


If you are the primary user, SimpleAccounts allows you to give access to specific functions alone or in total to other employees. So that your files and information cannot be viewed by anyone else other than the concerned person in your company.  

The application works with multiple currencies 

Irrespective of the currency you use, you can choose to access SimpleAccounts. Be it AED, Dollar, Rupee, or any other, it will not stop you from making accounting easy.  

The 4 basic financial reports are available for you 
  • Profit & loss 
  • Balance sheet 
  • Trial balances  

These are the few new changes we have for you but much more is on its way to you.

Change in rates 

 Also, we would like to inform you about the change in rates. SimpleAccounts SME Essentials package rate will be AED 47 for a month. With just AED 47, you can manage your accounts easily and quickly with our support. 

Earn money through SimpleAccounts 

Anyone with SimpleAccounts subscription has a chance to earn credit or cash back. We are introducing an Affiliate program, with a referral code. All you need to do is share the word about us and ask your friends or followers to join us using the referral code given to you. You will receive credit or cash back based on the amount paid by the referral for the first subscription. 

We are all ears for anything from you. Share your feedback. Let’s grow together. 

Check out SimpleAccounts, grow & earn.

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SimpleAccounts’ New Release – The SME Essentials 

CHANGE is the only Constant! 

We are changing and constantly improving to make your SimpleAccounts experience better than yesterday. SimpleAccounts is all set with the release of the New Version.  

You said it and we heard you!  

A package limited to essentials, adjusted for small businesses was your need and here it is. We are excited to announce the launch of the critical set of accounting features for you. The new version is a set of hand-crafted features which are simple, user-friendly, and a perfect companion for all your accounting needs. 

Send professional invoices without any trouble and get paid on time, keep track of all the transactions anytime from anywhere, and remain on top of your business. 

How does it help?   

  • Peace of mind: Keep an eye on your records every time from anywhere. 
  • Centralized monitoring of your finances: Get SimpleAccounts for all your accounting needs. 1 handy solution for multiple needs. 
  • Gain of time: Monitor your finances when you have time and avoid waiting to reach your office for every single verification. 
  • Be everywhere: You are not confined to offices alone. Travel with your records.

New Release SURPRISE 

SimpleAccounts love surprises. We are going another mile to make sure that you get to know us better and use the features for your business.  

REGISTER to SimpleAccounts before 22 September 2022, Thursday and stand a chance to WIN FREE 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION. Isn’t that exciting? Absolutely FREE access to all the features for a year for 5 lucky winners.

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We are all ears for anything from you. Share your feedback. Let’s grow together. 

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Get SimpleAccounts now and do your business effortlessly.

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