SimpleAccounts Launching Live

We are thrilled to welcome everyone to the SimpleAccounts application. Since the beta launch in January 2021, we took into account our key users’ feedback and deeply improved in all aspects. The application is now going public.

SimpleAccounts is a modern, simple, and yet advanced accounting software. It is free to begin with, and cost-effective for Professional and Business packages. 

You will be able very soon to enjoy the below features, out of the box: 

  • Quotation Management 
  • Customer and Supplier Invoicing 
  • Expenses Tracking 
  • End to end Procure to Pay 
  • Banking 
  • VAT Generation and much more! 

We are already working on new and exciting features. Payroll, VAT Filing, and more. So many capabilities to come with your preferred all-in-one Business Finance solution. 

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SimpleAccounts Soft launches its Accounting Software

The UAE based accounting software, SimpleAccounts has completed its soft launch successfully hereon October. The MVP Blockchain enabled Accounting Software has been launched to a limited market niche in advance to the full launch to the public. The soft launch process enabled developers to fine-tune the accounting application, particularly in relation to user- experience.  

 While most of the existing popular accounting software follows a double-entry system, SimpleAccounts will be the first of its kind to evolve as a fully reliable triple entry system to the public. SimpleAccounts focuses on the security of the users. It is in the process to develop an immutable ledger to enhance integrity and trust among users and auditors.

The complete free blockchain enabled accounting software with full-fledged features will be launched to the public audience very soon.  

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Blockchain enabled accounting system for business efficiency

SimpleAccounts accounting integrates the groundbreaking disruptive technology of the decade – Blockchain. This Blockchain accounting system brings effective financial operations. It keeps your books efficiently.  

simpleaccounts blockchain

What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain is a digital record-keeping system that records and distributes assets in different places at the same time. Blockchain can only be updated by consensus between users in the system. Once new data is recorded it can never be removed. 

Blockchain in SimpleAccounts

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that can record transactions between the two parties efficiently and securely. Hence, instead of keeping separate records, SimpleAccounts allows companies can document their transactions in this distributed ledger. This creates an interlocking system of accounting records.

Benefits of Blockchain enabled SimpleAccounts Software
  • Automated audit of transactions 
  • Decentralized network – not controlled by a single authority 
  • Distributed ledger with accurate financial information 
  • Compliance with regulatory systems 
  • Efficient bookkeeping 
  • Secure data documentation 

Get all of these benefits integrated to one platform at SimpleAccounts. Have a secured auditing!  

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